Map of the Royal Kingdom

 I know the series is hard to follow, so to make it easy, this page will explain where each Royal Lives, and does business. This series started with THE DUTCHESS, THE QUEEN , AND PRINCESS PWT. Now Dutchess  has her own castle in the Kingdom.  We thought about just having one castle for both of us, but her damn bathtub would not fit up the staircase of the original castle.  So, she stayed with me while we built her damn castle around her stupid tub.  She now lives in her own castle, in the Royal Kingdom.  It is right next door so, being the cheap bitches we are, we strung string across the garden from our upper windows.  We attached tin cans to each end, and that is how we communicate.  No need to text or use the cell phone.. We gots us some old fashion tin can communication.  (you younger shits are totally not going to get that, it's from the day when you made your own damn toys!) The Princess PWT lived in the main castle with Dutchess and I for many years.  One day she had saved enough money to build her own Castle.  Because she had been there from the start and brought in many new Royals and readers, we deeded her 1/4 of the Kingdom that surrounded her castle.  Little did we know she would be buying those damn flying bats.. but anyway.. we did it.  The Princess has happily lived in her annexed Kingdom, plotting her world dominance ever since.  She's pretty quiet about the comings and goings of her Kingdom, but she is always plotting that world take over. The ROYAL DAME  joined us next.  She brought with her a Bookstore and a Graphic Design business.  Since it was the PRINCESS PWT  that brought her on board we left it to them to decide where her and Sir were going to live.  Together, they determined the best possible place would be close to Dutchess, since she is also the one who supplies the magic potion for Dutch's brownies.  Thus, another castle was built. Next in line was THE ROYAL SISTER WIFEShe was also brought to us by way of Princess PWT.   The Royal sister wife resided at PWT's castle when she was a ROYAL SECURITY member.  However, her loyalty has never been matched in security and we recently promoted her SISTER WIFE.  Since I refuse to live alone, I have given her my beloved east wing.  That tells you how much I love her.  The east wing overlooks my gator ponds and has a beautiful view of the Kingdom. Then, we got a Royal BartenderThe Bartender lives above the bar.  Oh, don't be all poo poo about that.. it's not like we stuck her in the damn attic.  For one thing, we own the fanciest bar you will ever see.. and .. we built a castle above it...  She is one rocking bartender and we treat her ass right.. So, that brings us to the Vet.  Princess Vet  is beyond awesome.  She will rock your face off.  She is one of our most popular hookers, She's a vet, she's a student, and she's a Princess.  What do you do for someone like that?  Where do you put her?  What do you do for her?  Well,  tomorrow's blog will tell you that story.  The story of how far you will go to show someone like this, how much you love her.  The Elder's went all out for this one.. TUNE IN TOMORROW  ...  If you come to the party late.. We'll leave you link back to the story...   Cause that's how we rock in our Kingdom...

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