Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Glimpse Of The Real Life Dutchess

Some of you know I live in Wisconsin, and now I guess all of you do. Please curb your need to stalk me. Remember, I have mad Ninja skillz.

Anyway, there has been some crazy ass weather around here for the past couple of days. A "land hurricane" hit the county hard Tuesday morning. The weather asshats say this could be the strongest wind storm seen in the area in more than a decade.

This land hurricane, was comparable in pressure to a category 2 hurricane. Isn't that fucking special? If I'm going to have to deal with a hurricane, it would have been nice to have been somewhere tropical. Fucking Mother Nature!

Severe thunderstorms, moved northeast at 70 mph, and raced through southeastern Wisconsin between 5 and 8 a.m. Tuesday. BTW, really Mother Nature? You couldn't have picked a better time than the ass crack of dawn?

It also produced an F1 tornado not far from here. It did damage, but thankfully no one was killed. I know an F1 tornado is nothing to you Royals down in Kansas. However, up here, it is a big thing in October.

Now that the actual storms have passed, the focus is still on the wind. It has been blowing steady at 30-40 miles per hour with gusts up to 70. I kid you not, it actually blew over my chihuahua while she was taking a shit in the backyard. The second time I let her outside, I was smart enough to put her on a leash. Very Bad Idea. Let's just say that chihuahuas actually can fly like a kite. She is now hiding under the couch. I think she may be traumatized.

This fucking wind machine is to continue Wednesday and Thursday. The power around here is sketchy at best, so I thought I'd show you some pictures that were taken yesterday abd today as my daughter and I drove around our county and the one just North of us.

the guy in the red truck draped with downed power lines was scared, but not hurt.

Trucks were pushed over

Power lines, trees, and debris everywhere. You can also see how the weather changed throughout the day as we took random pictures.

OK gang, that is it for show & tell today.


  1. Oh. My. God!! Tank goodness no one was killed! I just found out that there is a tornado watch in my area until 9 tonight, and there was a warning about 20 miles south of me until about 5 minutes ago.

    All companies have taken away our binding authority until the storms pass.

    BTW, I'm in mid NC.

  2. OH! And please go check out my new blog design and replace my button on the Royals page with my new one!

    The Dame DOES love me!!!

  3. You see here in California we don't have to worry about tornados and crap! I hate fucking wind though. I kept scrolling through your pictures though for a flying dog! Poor thing! Bet it scared the shit right out of your dog though! LMAO

  4. Jen, I have friends in Elizabeth City, and one of my most favorite places in the world is the Southern Shores of the Outer banks. And, I changed your button.

    But you do have to worry about earthquakes, wild fires, drought, and falling into the ocean, Dame. I'll take my chances with the tornado. lol

  5. I love the Southern Shores! Thanks for changing the button! Dame did an awesome job on my design, huh?!?!

  6. I heard about that on the news this morning. It's horrible. I used to live in Texas. Tornadoes are pretty common there and I have a huge phobia about them. I'm so glad that I'm in Oregon now, no tornadoes! I'm glad you're ok. Be safe!

  7. We had that weather yesterday, overturned semis, trees down and such. We didn't get it nearly as bad here in the ville as they were saying but that didn't stop me from taken refuge under my stairs.

  8. Yow! Those pics remind me of Miami after Wilma hit in 05, and that was a cat. 2. I'm glad you and yours are safe.