Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hop, Stumble, WTF?

Ok kids, The Queen has commanded that we all do some blog hoppity shit. Since I've witnessed her get pissed off and feed people to the gators in the moat outside her fucking castle, I'm playing her little Hippity Hoppity Game.

Because I'm drunk, stoned, waxing my hooha and don't have the clear vision or energy to fucking do the Mr. Linky shit blog/button/techie bullshit challenged, if you want to play, or know more about it, click on the Hippity Hoppity Game link up there.

Here are my 5 hoppity spots...
GO....READ...NOW. They are funny as hell. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Plus, if you don't go and read my top five, I'll have to sick my Kansas Posse on your ass. And THAT, my friend, is one scary bunch of bitches!

In no particular order....

Laundry Hurts My Feelings


The Blog O' Cheese

The Redhead Ranting

Also, my skanky little niece wants to be Prom Queen. Push her button and for fuck sake, VOTE for her!

If she doesn't win, we will have to deal with the sure to follow, drunken super binge. Last time that happened, that included: lost panties, a bar brawl, a high speed chase, missing teeth (not hers!), lots of slurred cussing, the Po-po, and a run for the boarder. Please, vote and vote often!

One Crazy Brunette Chick

My work here is done. Time for a Taco Bell run, and a beer.


  1. Baby Sister.. I am so damn fucking proud of you for doing this.. and.. I love your attitude in blogland.... keep it up bitch and they will be knocking my ass off the throne to come read you..

    I heart your skank face...

  2. I'm going to check out the first bitch... Already loving the other two!!!

    Yes if I don't win there will be serious repercussions for all the sluts, cunts and ass-pirates that didn't vote for me!!!

    and I REALLY don't feel like hanging out in Mexico for another 6 months waiting for the shit storm to blow over after my pillaging of the KS area. Maybe Canada this time if it's necessary...

    Love ya whore face!

  3. aww lol CB is gonna win or theres gonna be an outright fuckin blog war HAHA!!

    Stopping by from the queen.. following you now

  4. I just caught up on your last two posts. You paint a hilarious scene in the lady's room. I am still laughing my ass off. Good stuff Duchess.

  5. YOU, my dear sister, will always be the Queen of all skanks. I'm also duct taping your ass to your throne. I don't want the fucking responsibilities that come with being The Queen.

    Look here, dear niece Skankyface, I WILL NOT, do you ficking hear me? WILL NOT go any farther North than I already am. Better come up with a better goddamn get away plan. One that includes a fucking beach, a hot cabana boy, and a tequilla bottle that has no bottom.

    Thanks for stopping by Brittney. Blog war.....hmm, Oh fuck...that is a possibility, huh? I am going to need more beer.

    Thanks Mike. Now you know to never ever ask your woman what the hell took so long in the bathroom. Unless you have a steel nut cup, in which case, ask away.