Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hot Child In The City

Or maybe it should say Hot Dutchess in the city.

Just a quick post to let you know I am on my way to Milwaukee to see the Tim McGraw concert at Summerfest. You know what the means, right? No?

Well, asshats, let me spell it out for you...

Milwaukee is known as being the beer & brat capital of the world. Obvious beer & brat fart jokes aside, it's not a bad place.

However, mix in the Dutchess, a hot summer day, too many goddamn people, and some bitch cutting in front of me while I'm waiting in the line at the cream puff stand, (which, by the way, is just asking for me to shank your dumb ass) and you know what you get?


A. The Dutchess, the Po-Po, a court date and tales of how she out maneuvered Big Bertha during her stay at the Big House.


B. Sweet pics of Tim McGraw's tight ass, with blog posts from the road because I used my big boobs and drunken, sexy, seduction prowess mad conversational skills to hook up with a roadie and joined the band.

I figure it's a win win situation for you assholes. Tune in tomorrow kids, for the rest of the Dutchess' new adventure.


  1. Oh, precious lord almighty, where do you live, dutchess? Cuz I'm 30 minutes away from Milwaukee..

    No freakin' lie...

  2. I can't wait.. a deaf drunk bitch at a music concert.. this should be good..

  3. Oh have fun and gets lots of good pics of that ass!!!

  4. Oh what I wouldn't give to see Tim McGraw shake that sweet ass of his!

    Fuck the nasty cunts... Shank them, I've got people everywhere... The body will be hidden... Dutchess in the clear!