Thursday, September 23, 2010

History, HNT and Osbasso

I've decided this post will be a bit serious and then a bit sexy, but probably not the funny you have come to expect here. Don't worry hookers, the funny will be back tomorrow.

Now, it's time for a brief lesson on Dutchess History. Some of you know this is a fairly new blog, and it is.

Most of you don't know that I'm an old timer in the blogging world. I had a blog from early 2005 until 2008. I then took a year plus hiatus due to illness, family, stress and burnout.

It's hard to be 100% you when your family, co-workers and 3D life friends find and read your personal blog. Not that I have anything to hide, it's just that when I would post HNT, or bitch about work, or tell a hilarious anecdote about home, family and etc..., someone was bound to take things out of context, get hurt, upset or offended.

When that happened, I found myself becoming inhibited, censored, and trapped in a place that use to make make happy, but had become a place where I no longer wrote with abandon, but instead, worried about everyone else. It was fucking exhausting!

I keep my old blog up, and sporadically post every few months. I have kept in touch with a few really great blog friends, and try to keep up with the old bloggers that are still blogging around.

One bloggy friend, however, never stopped asking me to come back to blogland. I went back and forth debating if I wanted to blog again.

Then I was kidnapped, drugged, threatened and forced by a Queen to take my place in the Royal Family and get back to work decided to come back.

However, I missed the freedom of the anonymity of early blogging. I missed writing without pause and having a place to be just me.

So, I went for a new name, and new digs, and voila, here I am. (you lucky bastards).

I use to LOVE playing Half-Nekkid Thursday, and after visiting Gucci Mama and seeing that Os is still doing the amazing HNT, I decided that I'm jumping back on that wagon.

Behold! The Dutchess' first (kind of)
Meet the ladies...All mine, all original!

Now, click that little blue button up there and go give Os some sugar.


  1. Welcome back to HNT! Still going strong after over five years!

    I'm trying to place the ladies, but not having a great deal of luck. Someone needs to shoot me an email and let me know of their prior life... (please!)

  2. What the hell is HNT anyway, that sounds way to close to HST which is the new wonderful tax that fuck's you in the ass and dosen't give the common curtesy of a reach around.

  3. I'm in! but Os's site is "no longer available".

  4. Interesting post highlighted by a great set of jugs. My kind of post actually.

  5. Hell. those girls look good in RED! I almost did HNT last night even started taking pictures..then I chickened out..thanks for showing yours though!

  6. Ok see I am so a chicken for doing this.. cause I am not there yet but I love hopping the blogs that do lol..

  7. I am starting to wish I would have started my blog with some pen name. My lunatic sister wouldn't have her panties in a bunch if I had. Oh well, live and learn. P.S. God musta spent a little extra time on you...lucky dog! I need to get me a couple of those bad boys!

  8. That is EXACTLY why NO ONE outside of Teri aka Diva who knows me, knows me - knows about my blog. They know I blog but I won't tell them where it's not that the stuff I say isn't true or that I wouldn't say it to their's just that some people get all butt hurt if you talk about anyone knows who they are or gives a fuck about them!

    I feel you my nig!

  9. wow, the ladies are mighty hot. (fanning myself)

  10. Not bad for a return in this dirty world ;)


  11. I know exactly how you feel - there's my blog under my 'real' name and then my alter-blog which I bare all. Welcome back, even if I don't know you from before, but liking what I see. HHNT!

  12. I'm all about boobs. Fabulous! ;)

  13. those are some fine fine ladies!



  14. Gorgeous! I love the red lingerie.

  15. SO LOVELY!!!
    I did my very first HNT post myself!!!
    Recently I am finding myself in the same spot. So many people who know my blog know me in person. I can bitch about people I know anymore. I gripe when the hubs pisses me the fuck off! I can't even say fuck on my own dam blog anymore cause my Grandpa might read it.
    I have been thinking about starting something new myself. Fresh Start.

  16. I still have the original red bra shot from the old blog.. I'm saving it for black mail.. you know.. if I get really really low on gin... ha ha.. love ya sis..

  17. See? And I loved you even beFORE the boob shot. Ummm-Hmmmm.

  18. Thanks for the warm welcome back sugar. And, I think we will leave it a mystery...However, I will tell you that I was on board for the 1st ever HNT, or second. lol

    Thank you lass.

    Wolf, I assure you that HNT is way better than you tax with no reach around. It's a way to be an exhibitioner (est?)...Half-Nekkid style.

    Thanks Mike. You know I aim to please.

    Thanks Kristin! It's so much easier when no one knows your (real) name. lol

    Blase, sometimes a little mystery is a lot sexier.

    Singed, at your own pace, and in your own time is exactly the way it should be.

    Donda, these bad boys are a blessing and a curse.

    Brat, "butt hurt" made me laugh. Thanks girl!

    Why much I'm much obliged, Dazee

    Thank you BM.

    Thanks Reluctant. HHNT to you too.

    Thank you Vixen!

    HHNT Drugged, thank you.

    Thanks Gucci, your pearls were so hawt!

    YAY MissC for posting. Sometimes, a fresh start is good.

    Queenie, shut your whore mouth. YOU, (and PK)dear sis, are the only one that can ID the Dutchess. lol

    Aww, thanks Middle. I love you too honey.