Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Box of Wine, The Flu and A Drunken Dutchess

Welcome to the Halloween Edition of
One Crazy Brunette Chick

I love Halloween. It's the one time of year you get to dress outrageously hooker-ish, get tanked, and eat candy until your teeth fall out.

Ok, ok, asshats. It's the one time a year outside of the Royal castle, you can dress outrageously hooker-ish, get tanked and eat candy until your teeth fall out.

However, Halloween 2010 was not one for the record books. Here are a few highlights from the Dutchess' Halloween Debacle 2010.

Bad wine - It started last night at friend's Halloween pre-party. You know, the house drinks you have before going to the real party. She had some cheap ass bottles of wine, but I'm all about cheap wine, so I decided, what the hell. I don't know what the fuck it was, but the damn bottle had a penguin on the label. That should have been my first warning. Penguins are not found in Napa Valley, or the South of France. I don't think the Hostess was amused when I kept giggling and telling her to "pour me some more of that Ripple!"

Five inch heels - Super cute...Super fucking stupid for a drunken Dutchess at a rockin' bar crammed with people and stairs in the most fucked up places. The bonus was a quick hoo-ha shot after tumbling off the fuckers as I was stepping down from the dance floor.

Stress - the Duke is determined to see how long it takes me, after a thousand fucking phone calls when I'm out for "Girls Night", to go fucking sniper and mow everyone down with a goddamn Uzi. I've developed a tic in my face, for fuck's sake.

Anger - Someone did a really shitty thing to my bestie. I will be calling the relatives in the bayou to perform some bad ass gris-gris on the offender, mark my words. I hope all your children have extra appendages, you fuckstick.

The goddamn flu - I woke up this morning and started throwing up. My bowels were jealous of the attention that my esophagus was getting, so they decided to get in on the action. I felt wretched and everything that wasn't nailed down was coming out one end or the other. Now, I know this is far more information than anyone truly needs, but you have to know how dismal my situation is to truly appreciate the fact I'm here writing for you all.

I'm pretty sure that while I was on my knees yakking, I was anally raped by some fucking ass pirate with a goddamn penis that was on fire. For the first time in my life, I'm considering buying Tucks Medicated Pads for my pissed off no-no hole.

I need a vacation...and some ointment.


  1. Must be the wine,, I farted yesterday morning and it wasn't a fart.. hate it when you don't know you're sick until it's tooooooooo late.. ha ha..


  2. ha, the Duke pissing you off. That was great.

  3. Jalapenos can do that to you. I recommend using the cold end of a popsicle.

  4. Hahaha! "Penguins are not found in Napa Valley." That is totally going to be my new measuring stick.

  5. Okay I am just as sick as you and I think you passed it to me!! Damn it!
    Here is mine:

  6. Royals, come on! I know we all get that fucked up visitor at the same time each month, but do we really have to be sick together, too??

    I'm dropping off bottles at your houses, and then staying away until y'all are better!

  7. You poor thing! Hope you feel better. xo

  8. What you described is EXACTLY the reason why I no longer drink tequila. Sure it goes down all smooth and easy like the prom queen, but then come a few hours later you're begging for death as you pray to the toilet gods.........ahhh the memories.

  9. LMAO about your penguin wine! And honey, I hope you feel better and I sure hope I don't catch that kinda flu.

  10. Queenie, me too.

    Ariana, the Duke pisses me off on a daily basis.

    Bluz, fucking jalapenos!

    Free, avoid the penguin wine.

    Dame, I share everything with the Royal Family. ha!

    Jen, thanks for the delivery!

    Thanks epiphany!


    Thanks Donda, I hope you didn't catch that flu shit

  11. You are a ROYAL CUNT.There is no other words for you and your slut daughter.What comes around goes around.CARMA and don't you slut daughter and Mike ever forget that.Respect have you guys ever heard of that word.You might want to look it up,you might be surprised.You are Royal.A royal piece of shit.And you broadcast your

  12. Dutchess.. I was using your key, to follow the IP address of the shit turd that pissed me off (as in the ex member of our family) and it took me to this post..

    I had forgotten about this fucker the Mikester and his crazy ass wife that use to hack his account and post all over the place

    I laughed until I pissed myself... Oh the journeys we have taken over the years..

    and the shit turds we have endured...