Tuesday, November 2, 2010

P.I.N.T Buh- Bye


Only Parent Chronicles


  1. I have the same prob here w/ flurries on the way..only in Michigan it goes from Summer to WInter..lol

    And please dont ever make a post titled Bye and making me think your leavin too dammit =) Rock on in Vegas and if you ever come to Detroit, look me up and I will show you a better time then Vegas could ever offer, Have fun and be safe =)

  2. Have fun, hope you win money!

  3. I've checked and you did not clear this with the Queen... as you know.. she gets pretty pissy when family members go away on vacation leaving her in the dreary snowy..cold.. fucking state of Kansas to fend for herself..

    she will file this vacation for you on a
    ID-10-T form..and hold it over your head for the rest of your life!

  4. Fuck. Now I have to make trips to Vagas, too. I'm going to be a very busy bartender, aren't I? Have fun, and I hope you don't end up missing any clothes this time!

  5. Crsc, I spent many summers in the UP as a kid. My Aunt & Uncle live in National Mine, (outside of Ishpeming). Also, sorry for the scare. lol

    Mike, I really don't gamble because.... Well, let's just say it involves a black jack table, more alcohol than one should ever be allowed, and someone yelling, "I raise you $500", "Of course I know what I'm doing", "Hit me!" and "Oh fuuuucking hell".

    Queenie, I blame you. This new facebook thing you had me sign up for sends me eleventy thousand e-mails a day and is damn near as evil as f.a.c.e.b.o.o.k.

    I was frustrated with trying to figured the tagged shit out. After losing a few chunks of hair, cursing the guy who ever invented this fucking social network shit, and swilling an ass load of tequilla, I started cruising the world wide web.

    The next thing I know, I'm holding airline tickets and a hotel voucher.

    Tell you what, I will stuff a really cute Elvis impersonator into my suitcase. Once he sees the Royal Medicine Cabinet, I'm sure we will have new, live entertainment for the castle. To my way of thinking, this is really more of a buisness trip. I'm taking one for the team
    Jen, I ha
    ve decided to just go naked. lost clothing problem? SOLVED!

    Thanks Dazee. We should just about pass each other in the air, huh? I read you are in vegas, right?

  6. Um...not right dazee. I had a stiff drink (or seven) at lunch and confused you with someone else.

  7. What woman dosen't love the Forum shops at Ceaser's Palace, I've had to carry many bags through that place dozens of times. Have fun over there and remember not to do anything that I wouldn't do..........so apart from farm animals and little people you should be okay.

  8. Ok the corp will cover it then and we'll right it off on our tax forms.. you go girl..

  9. Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for an award

  10. We were supposed to have snow flurries the other night but I never saw any. I hate freakin' winter!

  11. Thanks wolfie!

    Queen, ELVIS is in the castle

    Donda, me too!