Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wicked Wednesday

First, thank you all for your well wishes. I am feeling a little better, but my funny isn't. Uncooperative fuck!

However, because I know some of you are going through wicked Dutchess withdrawals, I've decided to participate in
Bad Girl Bloggers Button
The task was to post your favorite witch ever.

Well, my choice should be obvious. I choose Frances, Jet, Gillian and Sally. The ladies from the movie Practical Magic.

I mean, Midnight Margaritas? Fucking brilliant. You Tube is being douchey, and won't let me embed the damn thing, but there is a link when you click play. If you've never seen movie, WTF, have you been living under a rock?


  1. damn this rock is heavy! Let me move it off my back and see if I can find a copy of this movie to watch!

  2. I LOOVE that movie bitch!

    where have you been?

  3. I don't think I've seen it, but I drink a little,, so I may have seen it and just can't remember..

  4. I wanted to link up but I think my age will REALLY show! The only witches I know of are Samantha and Serena on Bewitched!

  5. whoops! I thought I commented though my Bipolar Diva site...oh well you know it's me.

  6. D. thanks

    Dame Penis, The HELL? You must see that movie.

    Me too Dazee

    Niece Skankypants, it is a kick ass movie, and I have been sicker than a dog. Emergency room sick. Feeling a bit better now.

    For fuck sake Queenie, you must see that movie.

    Diva, shhhh...when I first read this question, I immediatly thought of Samantha, Tabitha & Serena. ha!

  7. Glad you are feeling better, now let's get that funny bone back in shape.

  8. Love this movie. Have watched it a few times.