Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's A Wrap

Yes, it's sad but true. The...

comes to an end tonight. Oh quit sniveling, goddamnit. We well be back with the usual Royal shenanigans as soon as everyone is unpacked, showered, and had some time to regroup.

We had one hell of a good time. If for some reason, though I can't think of any, you missed a part in the Royal Road Trip, head over to The Queen's Castle . On her left side bar is a list of our stories from the road. She put it in a neat little package, all in order and shit, for you asshats to enjoy. I know, right??? Who knew the Queen was such a damn techi!

Truth is, we finally drank the bus dry and she had a sober moment. That scared all of us and we turned the bus around, and headed for home. FAST!

Today is Dame Penis Platter's birthday. Hop over and give her some love, and Southern Comfort.

And finally? Yes, Willie Nelson was just arrested for possession of pot on Friday. Let's just say, I fucking TOLD him to avoid Texas. All my exes live there, and nothing good ever comes of that.


  1. Thanks Dame!! I plan on drinking it up all day!

  2. Willie was just careless... that's all there is to it. Oh big deal,, Willie was arrested for pot.. who knew?