Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday HNT and Wishes

I figured I'd bring a little nudity back to Dorkville for the holidays.

But first, the Great and Powerful Os has given us a small assignment for this one.

We are to pick three bloggers/HNTers that you'd give Christmas wishes/gifts to, with unlimited means and resources. I'm going old school on this one.

My three are no longer doing HNT, and most don't blog anymore either. Some of you old timers will know of whom I speak. The rest of you may have to comb Os' early archives for these HNT Hotties of Christmas past.

My first thought was of a Blogger called Muse. A blonde bombshell with a passion for pit bulls and the outdoors. She is gutsy, sexy, and always feisty. Remember her HNT pics from the hotel window in New York City? H.O.T! I would give her a huge house, a special device so she can talk, everyday, to her son who is about to be shipped off to the Middle East, and an endless supply of money to rescue all the pit bulls she wanted. Then she could come back to blogging/HNT with no worries.

My second gift goes to a hopeless romantic with a heart of gold and will of steel. Real Live Woman's Simply Leen is smart, funny, and gorgeous. Unfortunately, her Prince Charming turned out to be a toad. She moved back to California, went back to school, and working her ass off at a job she likes. Her words are almost as captivating as her eyes. I'd give her 4 front row concert tickets to any show she wanted to see for the rest of her life. This Simply Sexy Woman needs music as much as she needs the air she breathes.

The third and final gift goes to a guy I found on a Winding Crooked Trail. Edge is a cut above the rest when it comes to writing and photographs. I think he still blogs every once in a blue moon, but I do miss his sexy-artistic HNT photos. I think I'd give him the gift of time. Edge had a health scare, found his beautiful red-headed soul mate, married her, and then battled a county, or two, to be with her. They both have had more than their share of life's sucker punches and deserve the next 100 years to be blissfully happy.

Merry Christmas readers and HNTers of Christmas Past and Present.

The "girls" and I hope your holidays will be merry and bright. Not feeling merry or bright? Then I hope you have enough spiked eggnog to get through it. Or at least some sexy Christmas fun... Ho-Ho-Ho!

Happy HNT_1


  1. Wow! I'm guessing you must keep up through FB! Love seeing some of those names coming out of the blue!

    And Merry Christmas to the girls!

  2. put the girls away.. you have the week off.. to enjoy.. your...

    Merry Christmas...

  3. Got another email from our troll... he's pry jacking off to your girls right now... spooky isn't it.... ha ha..

  4. that rocks! I need to get into HNT again! Merry Christmas! ♥ you!


  6. I know I'm inexcusably late to the party, but I brought booze, so, forgive me?

    LOVE that picture and your gifts are fabulous!

  7. Oh course Gucci! You are always welcome, and especially welcome when you bring booze!