Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kill Me Now

On top of two weeks of cooking, baking, playing hostess for not one but FOUR damn Christmas parties, (3 of which were at my castle...not counting the one planned for Saturday with part of the Dukes family) dealing with my other In-Laws and a 250mile one way road trip to see my baby sister, I have the motherfucking flu. I haven't had the flu in a few years and this is just un-fucking-acceptable. I demanded that little flu fucker stay away from me when my grandson, 2 daughters and the housekeeper fell ill.

Unfortunately, the flu gave me a great big fuck the ass. Fever, chills, coughing, stuffy nose, aches down to my decrepit bones, and other....disgusting symptoms that I can hardly think of, let alone type.

I have been in pajamas for two fucking days. Aside from the Tylenol and NyQuil, the Dutchess has been drink and smoke free for damn near three days. I know, RIGHT!!!

I am seriously contemplating flinging myself into the goddamn gator pit.


  1. You sure didn't sound very good last night on the phone.. I hope you got some sleep,, and I'm damn happy you weren't so sick that you didn't answer the phone. There are times, I just want to hear that friendly voice on the other end of the line..

    I love you ya know!!!!

    I loved your comment on Friday Frogging.. You said it better than I could have. These kids just don't get it sometimes.. We have to teach em everything.

    P.S. It's sad when you think how long we have actually been blogging.... we need to get a life.. ha ha

  2. Thanks Kelly, me too.

    Dazee, I know, right?!!! hat bastard!

    Queen, I felt so bad I was so out of it when you called. I love you and will always be here for you, just like you are for me. AND, without blogging, I wouldn't have met you. Who needs a goddamn life anyway? *muah*

  3. AWWW...hope you feel better soon Auntie!

  4. S'pose it doesn't help to tell you that tons of people are sick with what ever it is you've got. Have you tried whiskey and chicken soup? I know you're sick if you're not smoking. Ahhhh *puff* I just had a cig for ya. Get better soon. Kisses.