Friday, January 7, 2011

BSF - Short and Sweet

Well, by now, I'm sure the blogging world has exploded with news of the return of our Crazy Ass Brunette.

That also means that
One Crazy Brunette Chick
Is back in full force. Jen did a wonderful job keeping BSF going while CB was away, and now they will be co-hosting together.

I suggest you stop over at one of their blogs, read the rules, and if you don't suck, link up. SLUTCODE: Duck-Billed-Platypus

I only have a few Fuck You Friday's for today.

1. FUCK YOU this cold and flu that have bitch slapped my ass and made me call them Mama. I have had just about enough of both of you.

2. FUCK YOU wind chill and cold weather. My goddamn joints ache, and my gas & electric bill rival that of the national fucking debt.

Time for my regular shot of Dayquil and heating pad.


  1. Feel better Dutch! We miss you!! You just need some ☼

  2. I read the rules over at Cigarettes & Stilletos and smiled for the first time this morning. I am following you and everyone else on the list simply for my own sanity's sake.
    I linked up and will understand if I get deleted, I have lost my fuck everyone attitude ever since I stopped working and started staying at home...maybe I can find it again!?
    My husband lovingly refers to me as his Uppity Elitest Bitch, and I love that and do my best to live up to it.

    Thank you!
    Heather from

  3. I'm just wondering who in security wasn't doing their job and let that damn flu bug into the castle.

  4. Love you Auntie Dutchess! What the fuck are you doing online instead if resting your sick ass???? Hmmm? If you don't rest I'm going to stash your pills!!!

  5. Thanks Jen, I think you are right.

    Welcome to the Crazy House Heather.

    Ariana, when you find out, off with their heads,

    CB, I had to play BSF. Now I'm going to the couch. Hands off my pills, hooker!