Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Back with a vengence!

You may have noticed the Queen and I have been kind of laying low. We spent years building up a kingdom only to give it away to our beloved PWT.

Seemed Hookers, Pimps, Body Guards and Vets, were just too much for two old ladies to deal with. We dropped the keys of at PWT's, wished her luck, and headed out on our little journey.

We decided we wanted a more refined kingdom. One that could sustain itself over the next hundred years. A Kingdom that would some day become a legend, like Cher, or Ole Blue Eyes. When you heard the word KINGDOM, there would be no doubt what they were talking about.

We started out buying the Royal Retirement Home. Once it was up and running, we moved on to purchase a PRISON. We set it up, hired employees and moved on to our next business.

Last night, we bought a NEWSPAPER. We've hired people to run it. We hope you enjoy reading all the latest news on the ROYALS. We've hired some wonderful reporters there.

I wanted a new castle, and the Queen, being the Queen, went out and bought me a pretty pink one. She even gave me a cadi and a Panther.

We were able to purchase a castle for her to move in to also. They are right across the street from each other, so we pretty much rule the block.

So, as you can see, THE QUEEN and THE DUTCHESS have bounced back with a vengence. We dedicate this video to anyone who thinks they can knock us down, and expect us to stay there.

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  1. Holy crap! I just clicked on this video over on Queens blog and can't get it out of my head and now my stupid ass just HAD to click on it again.