Monday, February 7, 2011

Catching Up And Something You Need To See

I returned from a vacation of clear blue water, palm trees,beaches and rum, just in time to run smack into the worst goddamn blizzard since 1979.

26 motherfucking inches of snow fell within 24 hours, it brought 60 - 80 mph winds with it, causing 15ft+ snowdrifts.

Beautiful Lake Michigan had 25 ft seas. That is unheard of. That was that Mother nature welcoming me back home. Bitch

The gods, not to be outdone, blessed me with a double ear infection and bronchitis. Saturday I was at the Doctor's office whimpering, wheezing and begging for him to make it all stop. 2 antibiotic and some ear drops later, I feel like shit. Fabulous.

I am completely deaf in my left ear, which is not always a bad thing around this place. However, because of said ear, everything I do, breathing, chewing, drinking and etc... is amplified in my own head, and quite frankly, getting on my fucking nerves.

So, while I go back to the couch, I need you all to head over to Mama still Wears Gucci

She is upset, sickened, and desperate , as are the rest of us, to get the word out and shed some light on something called "DD" or Domestic Discipline. This is a disgusting form of abuse that some are trying to disguised as a "lifestyle choice". Bullshit. Please go to Mama Gucci's now.


  1. I'm sickened by the Gucci post.

    And please, get feeling better. That is just wrong when you can hear yourself in your own head.

  2. Read it and it was creepy. Sorry you are under the weather. Get some rest!

  3. So, you're feeling better? I mean, feeling shitty is better than feeling like you're at death's door, right?

  4. I think Middle Child should be our new bartender.. we hang out with her all the time.. the least she can do is make us a drink.. we furnish the booze.. ha ha