Tuesday, March 1, 2011

WARNING: The Royal Family Is At It Again

Lock up your husbands
Lock up your sons
Lock up your whiskey cabinets
Girls lock up your guns
Lock up the beauty shop
No telling if they’ve heard the news
Call the boys downtown at Neiman Marcus
Tell ’em lock up them high-heeled shoes

When the Royals take a road trip
There ain’t no slap dab a-tellin’ what they’re gonna do

You heard right, you lucky bastards. The Royal Family is about to embark on another adventure...

The Royal Spring Break Road Trip

Stay tuned for more details. The bus leaves at the end of the week!


  1. woo hoo. I noticed you didn't warn Burger King.

  2. Today's video is pretty much dedicated to you..as was yesterdays.. and the day before... what can I say.. I love ya.. broken hand an all.. but no.. I'm not changing batteries for you.. get someone else to do that until your hand heals..

  3. Chicken, Burger King gets no warning...until they do it my way.

    Queen....bwahahahaha, I love you too.