Monday, April 8, 2013

Royal House Mom

The Dutchess has left the building So go see why. This blog post will remain until her return.
Many folks have applied to be a Royal over the years.  Several made the cut, few made the grade.  It takes a special kind of person to be counted among the Royals.  You have to be a special breed.  You have to be able to hang tough when it's tough.  You have to be able to love without question.  You have to be ready to back your fellow Royal without question.  When the call comes, you have to let yourself drop what you are doing and answer the call.  Being a Royal is not an easy job.  Most of us are Royals because we in fact, were in need of a kind word and a Royal found us.
In our opinion being a Royal is special  Being a Royal means you have a heart of gold.  You may hide it under a layer of bullet proof steel, but it's there.  You may never let anyone see it but your fellow Royals, but you own it.
While the Royals mean nothing to those that are not among us, it means a great deal to us.  It's something we take pride in.  It means we have a sister (or big brother) when we need it most.  It's a bond we can not explain.  It's special.
It takes a special kind of person to walk in to The Queen and The Dutchess life, grab hold of their heart and never let go.  We just don't let that happen very often.  Those that get that far, are a Royal for life.  Those that make it to the gate, but can't really find a way to open it and be truly accepted, do the walk of shame.  While they claim it meant nothing to them, they will always carry that scar.  We don't mean to make them feel rejected, but it's just a code of honor.
One of the Royals is 
She stumbled in to our lives and we never let her out.  You will see her referred to as 
Royal House Mom
if you ever see our old posts.
Dutchess and I love this girl with all our hearts and souls.
We have cried with her
and for her.
We have hoped, prayed, wished, cussed, cried, bargained, and fought
for her.
We love her
We cry for her
We just wanted to tell you about her.
 She has fought this nasty bitch called cancer, as long as we've known her.
That's been since 2008
She has fought against all odds.
She has become tired.
She still fights.
She has a loving husband
and two young boys
She fights for them.
Kelly, we would sacrifice every gator, pink flamingo, flying monkey and glass of wine
in the kingdom
if it would help!
Kelly, we love you beyond words.
Our hearts hurt.
Always and forever you own our hearts
The Queen, and The Dutchess


  1. Hey Dutchess, I used the key you left under the mat and entered your castle. I changed your settings so annonymous can not post. They found your blog while you were on vacation and spammed ya. I kicked their asses out... and changed the settings.

    I also put a link at the top so when you sober up and need coffee, you can find the coffee shop. I think it's totally awesome.

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