Friday, May 31, 2013

I'm Gorgeous, Be Jealous!

Welcome to my refurbished digs!  It's pretty fucking amazeballs in here, huh?

It's so fucking awesome in here, I might just move out of the real world, and move right into here. (because really?  the real world sucks big donkey balls right now) .

I could sit in here with a huge pan of brownies, and a stupid smile on my face while incessantly  repeating, "Duuude!  THIS IS SO FUCKING SAWEEET!".

Don't judge.  If you were this gorgeous, you'd look at your stuff all day too.  Not THAT stuff, perv!

I have to thank my incredibly smart/sweet/talented Niece.  She is not only a busy Mom and wife, but she also took The Queen on vacation, committed murder on a playground, (or some such shit), dodged a tornado or two on the roadtrip home, and is constantly continuing her quest for world domination.  I know, right?  The kid is on fire! (in a good way).

Somewhere, in the midst if all that shit, she managed to hear me whining about my ratty wallpaper and designed some new artwork, made a new Dutch badge and even fluffed the godamn pillows in here!

Everything looks so pretty! ( DUUUUDE! SAWEEET!)

I heart her so much, I don't even mind that she shanghaied my pretty pink sparkly stilettos!

~~Until Next Time~~


  1. The Queen gave strict orders to stay out of the brownie stash while I was *ahem* breaking and entering *cough* I mean redecorating your crib. She said nothing about the shoe collection! Glad you like the new curtains!

    P.S. Took the Dutchmobile out for a spin. You might want to have security dispose of the body in the trunk before it starts to get too ripe.

    Love ya!

    1. Oh hell! Another dead body. I told you to take them to the Queen's gator pit!

    2. Can't... Gators are on a diet because I overfed them after our family vacation. She's got me locked out until they lose weight.

  2. I think this is great. These curtains remind me of the very first time we met so many years ago. Hearts to the Major for doing a great job..

  3. It does look like a "faded sunset" a little. I love, love, LOVE this!Big HUGE hearts to Major!

    1. Oh hell no! I spent like 500 bazillion hours drawing the girl for the old one. Did it have a tree or some grass? Fuck trees and grass! I hate that shit! I've wised up since the 'old days'. You got an easy cartoon and special effects background this time. But I still think it's even better than the old one.

    2. It is better than the old one, but it's on the same theme as her original.

      It's just her.. faded sunsets..

  4. I love this more than the old one too. I loved that one too, but this is rockin' it!

  5. Looks amazing! Love it, love it!