Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Royals Have Snapped! Week 3

Ok assholes, you have officially pissed me off.

THE QUEEN and I are the official Heads/Elders/Commandants/whatthefuckever of this Royal family.  As such, we have every right to be cruel heartless dictator bitches with kick ass shoes, believe in listening to our whining-bitching-moaning-complaining lovely girls and their dreams, ideas, suggestions, and glowing STD reports.

We listen, and drink, hear you, and smoke, do everything in our power trying to make all Hookers and other Royal Family members as happy as Willie on a 4 day motherfucking Mexican bus tour...and drink.

All The Queen and I heard for months was,

  • "We miss you Crazy Old Bats, when are you coming back to blogging on a regular basis?"  
  • "We need to get the Royals back to the crazy, drunken, silly, snort worthy posts of yore."  
  • "We don't want any more mama, twatwaffle, baby daddy, blah blah blah drama (thank fucking tits because we're too fucking old for any drama and it ruins my buzz, er, blog mojo)...we want something fun we can all do together!

We listened, we put our drinking, um, I mean, our THINKING caps on, and came up with a kick ass idea.  An idea that every Royal, (no matter what your roll or level of involvement as a Royal is), could participate in.  

We know you hookers are pretty busy.  You all have lives, kids, jobs, johns, shoes to buy and other things going on in your life, and that makes time precious.  So, we knew we wanted to do something relatively easy, not very time consuming, and even something that required very little writing, because sometimes, just thinking about writing a blog post is too damn much work.

Then we noticed something.  We noticed that EVERYONE is taking and posting many pictures in many different venues, throughout the week.  Some of you use Facebitch, some use Instagroan, or Twatter, and even Keek.  However, all of you seem to post some type of picture(s).

Then after a bottle of gin and half a pan of fucking brownies, it hit us. Eureka!  We've got it!

A weekly Picture Post type of MEME, with rotating hosts, on Monday of each week. Motherfucking brilliant!

We asked for ideas for a Name, themes, rule suggestions and etc.  After gathering all the info and intel, we finally named it, gave it an awesome badge made by The Major, and got excited about this brand new, Royal venture.

"We Snapped!" With The Royals was born.  We were so pumped about finding a way for The Royals, and others, to again connect as a family through our blogs once a week.  We thought you all were excited too,

However, for the past 2 Monday's, The Queen and I have invited, asked, begged and threatened you all to come and play this new game with us. It's easy, quick, fun, and all you simply have to do is check out the week's theme/words, look through and use the pictures you take or have taken with you computer, smart phone, Ipad, tablet, and etc,,and post them on your blog with a small word or blurb next to the picture. Easy peasy, no?

Well, apparently not.

The Queen kicked our new venture off the FIRST WEEK.  FIVE DAMN PEOPLE PLAYED.

I, your darling Dutchess, hosted WEEK TWO,  Again, FIVE MOTHER FUCKING PEOPLE PARTICIPATED! WTF?!!

Look here, fuckers.  The buck stops here, and I'm giving you ONE more chance to get your shit together, post, link up, and play nicely, dammit!    
 This is week 3 and our very own MAD KATTER has graciously offered to host this week's Royal, "We Snapped".  Go get the words for this week, grab the godamn badge, slap a few pictures up, and link the fuck up at Kat's place.
Like this...

This Week's Words Are

Nice cool drink in the late afternoon sun.   Slluuuurrrp!

Sugar Cane Plantation Ruins.  Built in the 1700's.  Forgotten, but not gone.

Spring Apple Blossoms Here..

I caught this reflection in The Duke's sunglasses while on vacation.  One of my favorite pictures!

Publish your masterpiece, Link up over at THE MAD KATTER'S PLACE

That's it!  Now go...do it...final warning...there will be consequences!

~~Until Next Time~~


  1. I will do mine in the morning. I am going over to Major's tonight and OC and I have some ideas for this one.

    I agree with the minutes of the last board meeting.. it's time for people to shit, or get off the pot.

    1. Sis, I can always count on you. Unless the beer tab ground goes missing. ;)

  2. Bravo, fair lady! Love the ruins...looks like a place I would like to visit. The Duke's glasses...a work of pop art! You rock!

    1. Thank you MK! Thanks for hosting this week too!

  3. I'm sorry i JUST found you through The Queen's Google+, but I have to tell you I forget EVERYdamnTHING so I will make a calendar reminder to play this and hopefully I won't donk it up.

    1. No apologies needed Joy Christi! You can't donk up 'We Snapped". That's the beauty of this little shindig. It's all a matter of perspective...yours!

      Welcome aboard the Crazy Train. Keep your arms inside the ride at all times, and enjoy!

  4. I did my four for these words on my blog. NOT as good as yours, but as a bonus? There are apes and monkeys. WHY? I honestly don't even know.
    This was fun! Looking forward to next week, m'Lady.

  5. Apes and monkeys are always a bonus! Great job JC

  6. I adore your forgotten. That one was hard for me to choose because there are so many old buildings and forgotten equipment in these mountains I find all kinds of goodies. I would love to wander around those ruins!!<3

    ~Hell on Wheels

    1. Wheels I'm totally stoked to see you wandering the Kingdom again. I've missed you and your humor..

    2. I am wicked relieved to be able to get online again :D - Can I just say again I LOVE this idea!!! And I have missed y'all as well. I can tell you I've needed the smiles.

      ...I say as my computer sneezes and removes my comment :p

    3. Thanks for playing honeypants! Loved your pics, and SO glad to see you wandering around the Kingdom again. Now, pass me a brownie!

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  8. I love your reflection! that's just fabulous! And the plantation is awesome. Great pictures!

    1. Thanks dear niece! I heart you to pieces!