Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dear Royals, I Told You So!

disclaimer:  Royals love new people and new blog-friends, (old ones too)!  We're glad you're here, and look forward to getting to see your shoe collection know you.  We have no expectations of you, except for you not to act like an asshole.  We have no rules to follow, no conditions for hanging around, and are just plumb happy to see you folks.  That said, most of this post is directed at family members with Royal titles, not old or new friends.

Well, well, well.  It looks like The Mad Katter is a damn good host.  She had 7 people, other than herself, link up for week 3 of "WE SNAPPED!"  That makes me almost fucking happy...

I said almost.  Why, you ask?  Well, although I am thrilled to have new people come out to play with us,
Hi, hi, hi!!
Joy Christi
The Vent Line
Ordinary girl
We LOVED your pictures and can't wait to see what y'all come up with next!

Some, that call yourselves ROYALS, have once again let me down. Yep, I'm looking at YOU..

As a member of the Royal Family, you were lovingly brought into this den of iniquity Royal fold, with open arms.  We have loved, laughed, supported, cried with, helped, encouraged and stood by you.  Being part of this Royal  Family brings great rewards, real friendships, and a smidgen of responsibility.

While we don't expect you to attend every meeting, support every action or always agree with us.  We do expect you to always bring booze, always be truthful, and occasionally be available to participate in a few Royal gatherings and conversations.

We really do understand that everyone is busy and can't always participate, however, you could at least give it the old fucking college try!

"WE SNAPPED" with The Royals, is going into it's 4th week.  Did you know that you have had 21 days, or 504 hours and, if you want to count minutes, 30,240 fucking minutes to get involved?

If you can't find time to post ONE measly, simple, picture meme in that amount of time, (because no one expects you to do it every time), then fuck you.  Yep, I'm going there.

I've asked nicely, I've begged, bribed, cried, demanded and finally issued an ultimatum.  You (only when it's convenient for you to be), Royals will now incur my wrath.  I fucking told you there would be consequences.

You have hereby been evicted from the Royal Castle.  We have taken the time to remove your nameplate and other personal items from the castle.  You can pick your shit up at the motherfucking castle guard shack located just outside of the castle gates.

If you happen to be missing a pairs of shoes, fuck you, too bad, call it a service fee. You can thank The Queen that your shit didn't end up in the gator pond.  She is way more tolerant than I am.

Being a member of the Royal Family is a fucking privilege, and I have just revoked your Royal license and title.  If you want it reinstated, then fucking step up to the godamn plate!  If you don't, that is okay, it was nice to know you, really.  We will wish you no ill will and nothing but the best.  However, your Royal status will forever be history.

On a brighter note, Yours Truly, will be hosting week 4 of "WE SNAPPED" this coming Monday (tomorrow).  Just so you have an extra day to think about it, I'm giving you the words now.  Your welcome.


I didn't choose the words, I'm just the host.  If you think you have a cool theme or a few kick ass words you'd like to see on "We SNAPPED", just drop me, or any other Royal family member, an e-mail, or come tell us over at the Royal Island.  We'd LOVE to hear your ideas!  Now, get to snapping, tell your friends, and come back to link up tomorrow.

~Until Next Time~


  1. Well, you must of gotten into the brownies tonight.. cause you are a hell of a lot calmer than you were the last 10 days.. lol..

    I got your back..
    I too will miss them, but that's the rules..and that's YOUR ruling.. so I've got your back..
    Love ya sis.

    1. A combination of brownies and being sick, sick, sick. Love you too Sis!

  2. Grabs a brownie, snatches a pair of cute pumps off the front lawn and slips back to her own place hoping Aunt Dutch didn't see her. I think I'll have a few more stakes added to my perimeter. Someone call me when the dust has settled.

    1. I saw, but I'm too damn sick to do anything except yell, "YOU DAMN KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN!

  3. Since my name isn't on the blog roll, I guess I was one of them..sorry

    1. Amy, Amy, Amy...We love you, but we also know that your life is really crazy right now, and that prevents you from being a solid part of the Kingdom. That is ok, really. We will always be here for you and you know where we hang out in our real life. And if/when your life slows down and your able to be an active member of the Royals, your title will still be here.