Monday, May 20, 2013

I've Snapped, You Should Too!


So, while the Hookers are driving us all over Kingdom come, (or cum...HA! I crack myself up!) The Queen decided we needed a new game to play.  After much debate, we just snapped.

You see, everyone takes pictures, even my drunken ass.  The idea here is that each week, one of the Royals will pick a theme, or a word(s) they want you to snap pictures of.

Then, get to snapping, and link up.  Be creative, be daring, be funny, fly that freak flag and be whoever you want.  Show us your view.  Just don't use pictures from the web that are not yours.  We frown upon stealing here. Do it and we will kick your ass and feed you to the gators.  Other than that, there are no rules

To kick this thing off, the theme this week is EARTH, WATER, WIND, and SUN/MOON.

Took Mother Dutchess to see her Grandparents

My favorite place.
Nothing better than wind blowing through the palm trees in the Caribbean.
The Brother's of The Sun Kenny Chesney/Tim McGraw concert at Solider Field in Chicago, 2012.
also Sun, because I'm all about the sun.
Now, get to snapping, grab the badge and link up at The Queen's Place!

~~Until Next Time~~


  1. I love your EARTH picture. The fact that the shadow is cast across the image is wonderful. I knew the Islands would be involved in YOUR pictures.

    I kind of wondered what you would MIX with water, but you surprised me.

    Love ya Sis

  2. Sure... rub it in that you vacation in paradise while I vacation in a scene out of deliverance!

    I'm definitely going to need more brownies if you keep posting beach pictures.


  3. LMAO! I can hear the banjo's now.