Friday, July 4, 2014

Willie stole the weed

Willie stole my weed! Not sure when the fucker got in my castle.  I arrived home from my vacation grabbed the magic jar only to find out that fucker was empty.  Bastard did not even leave me enough to inhale fumes from!

I grabbed the jar and headed out back the castle to restock from my greenhouse.  Fucking Queen's gators had a little surprise for me.  I thought they looked a little too happy but assumed the bitch had fed them some dumbass that stumbled through the kingdom.  When I turned the corner I realized I was wrong.  Those asswipes had totally cleaned out the greenhouse.   There isn't even an odd seed I can use to start over.

Never in my life have I bitched at the Queen over her need to keep Willie by her side.  Now, the fight is on!  That bitch has to get Willie under control, or I'm gonna beat her ass with her own beer tab crown!  I will beat then shove her crown up her ass!  See if those hookers want to fight over it after it's been there!

So, if you wondered why I've been silent, it's because I have been plotting my sweet revenge on that bitch if at the end of her 30 days notice she has not gotten that fucker under control.

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