Thursday, July 9, 2015

WHOA! It's Been A Whole Year?!. I am...dipping my toe into this water...again, and I'm not sure exactly where it's going after that. 

So many things have happened since I lived, breathed, wrote, shared and put my heart and soul into this place.  This blog, my own little corner of the world, started at one place, and ended somewhere entirely different.  I loved every single twisty little turn. 

Then social media took over.  Let's face it, it really is a fast way to connect with other people and keep up with their daily lives.  The problem is, it's not really a connection, as much as it is a fly-by.  It's much easier to post a picture with a small caption or quip than it is to have to tap into your creative side and paint the wordy picture of the thoughts and moments you wish to share. 

I've also had life changing events happened in the past year which, out of necessity, forced me to push the writer, funny, creative sides of me, to the end of the line. Although I love fun and spontaneity; change, grief and loss are 3 things this Dutchess doesn't do well, and it has been a long, blue season. 

However, I think I'm finally seeing a light...a realization that I like to write...I need to write.  Writing has always been in my my soul.

I'm not sure where this is going, but I do know that I am entering the next chapter of life, of this blog, and with a deeper understanding of myself, the ones I love, and the world. 

I'm not always going to be funny, but I am going to bring back "We Snapped", which I will explain at a later time.  I'm also thinking about bringing "Reflecions From A Bathtub" back once a month too.  I think you will still see you're crazy, wild,  Dutchess and her stories of her Royal Family, but I hope you also get to see, know and like, the other sides of her too. 

Mostly, I just want to write again, ad I sure hope you all come along for the ride, but no pressure, either way m'kay?

Now, I have to go, I'm late for my bubble bath and wine.


  1. I LOVE bathtub reflections and can not wait. I love "we snapped". I love your funny side, your serious side, your deep side, Lets just face facts here. I LOVE YOU.. welcome home Sis. Your wine awaits you.

    1. Thanks! But, where the hell are my sparkly-twinkly lights?! Which on of those rotten hookers took them while I was, uh..gone?

      Oh! Wait! I remember. They only appear after a box of wine.

  2. Well shit. Glad you are back. I can't believe you and the Queen blew the dust off your boobs and got back on here.

    1. Why, thank you, Fargo! I can't believe we blew the dust off of our boobs and didn't get a letter and fine from the EPA! I say that's a win!