Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Internet, I Miss You

Stealing my neighbors wireless internet is sketchy and not consistant.

Time Warner cable, I fucking hate you. One of your technitions dug into the ground at the house next door and severed the mother fucking underground cable lines on Monday, asscrack of dawn.

STILL waiting for the goddamn cable company for fix thier goddamn mistake. They say sometime today, so maybe sometime this evening I will be able to type a post.

Until then, send good liquor and emergency xanax supply pronto bitches!


  1. GASP! No internet! How can the Dutchess order the good shit now? Will send you Xanax and the good alcohol to deal with this horrible predicament!

  2. Throw those fucking cable guys in the moat.

  3. Why didn't the alligators take care of that dam cable guy? They must be fed too much!

  4. No internet means you now have time to start a new hobby. Perhaps make baskets, or learn to knit socks, or collect stamps.........on second thought fuck that just stck to the cheap wine :)

  5. God! What's with all the Xanax crap? I told you before that all my extra goes to my drug-addled daughter. What the fuck's wrong with you? Time warner? Well, boo hoo. Try dealing with Comcast, those mother-fuckers! I got to talk to them AGAIN! You have no cable hating until you have talked to the customer service in bum-fuck Egypt and talked to Bagjuan shree Rajnesh.

  6. You should start growin' yer own weed so you've got a endless stash on hand. Have you not learned anything?