Tuesday, August 17, 2010

PINT: Dutchess Style

I'm tired and fucking old. You asshats get this today...


My new award from Donda...Photobucket


  1. I know how you feel about the crotch parasites taking your Dr. Peppers! Mine do it to my Coca Colas damn it! They think I buy the shit for them! I keep telling them that my sodas are to conceal the fucking Southern Comfort when I take them to school! Hearing all those screaming kids gives me a fucking headache before I even get to the hangover!
    LMAO at all your post its!

  2. I didn't know about that whole know tying thing.. you may be required to hit the streets again.. I think that is a marketable skill...

  3. Don't tell C.B. but you may just be my new hero!!!!

  4. LOVED THE LAST ONE!!! You put a whole new spin on multi talented!
    I got the talented cherry tying tongue too!

  5. Elizabeth, thanks bitch!

    Niece Dame Skankypants (in training), Sweetie? the Royal Family never gets a hangover. We are just in-between drunk binges.

    Dammit Sis! I've paid my dues, I'm old, my crowl jewel is broken, and my kick ass tongue is all I have. Please let me just bartend and recruit.

    Oh hell, Middle child, I'm happy to be your hero, but you know what a jealous bitch CB is. Just tell her she is reaaly pretty and you admire her ability to swear like a trucker. She may forgive you.

    MissC, Multi-talented doesn't even begin to cover it. HA! With a tongue like that, the Queen will be looking to recruit and pimp you out.

  6. I would like to see the cherry thing but I am a broke ass bitch. I will stay away from your Dr. Pepper for fear of your fuck me pumps and why in the filth flying filth don't you girls just get the Queen a trache so she can just shoot the booze straight in her neck???

  7. You can do all that at once, fuck me I am impressed and I tip my hat to you. But can you do all that while making a sandwich........not for me of course I don't need any "special sauce" in it" :)

  8. giggle, snort! Not only am I intrigued by your cherry tying ability, I think you could make money off of a video of your multi-tasking.