Thursday, September 30, 2010

HNT #2

Ok kids, it is time to play HNTbutton with Osbasso and company.

However, this week, there is also something very special to participate in that kind of goes hand in hand with HNT. The ninth annual

It's a fundraiser for Breast Cancer research. In the past 8 years they have raised over $64,000. Go check it out RIGHT HERE .

Since I am all about helping to rid the human race of this awful disease, I am submitting this picture of my ladies. Good posture and a great bra can make even my old saggy boobies look outfuckingstanding!

Happy HNT everyone!


  1. Yip its my 2nd HNT too today. Nice tits, btw.

  2. Beautiful. I love your blog. So fun!!! Cum see my place.

    Meow >^,^<
    Ms. Tigerx

  3. Thank you Diva, you rock.

    Vixen, thank you very much

    Lass, congrats and Thanks!

    Thank you Os. :)

    Thanks two

  4. Old and saggy? Doesn't look that way to me at all! I guess I'm a week late, but welcome to HNT!

  5. Don't look old and saggy to me...think it's time for new specs!