Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Bathtub, Some Wine and a Goodbye

It's time for...
One Crazy Brunette Chick

What a kick ass button, huh? It was made by The Royal Formerly Known As Princess of Class, Trash, and Sass. Yes, I said formerly known as.

The crazy hooker went all rouge on us. She turned in her keys to the Kingdom, quit her other bloggy jobs, and decided to have a real life.

What a selfish bitch. She got us hooked on her fuck yous, hookerfaces, whores, blog stalks, and stilettos, and then? She quit us like a bad fucking habit.

Oh stop all of your wailing and teeth gnashing, assclowns. Just calm the fuck down. The rest of the Royals are still here, and we are now taking applications for a new Princess.

CB, no one will ever fill your stilettos, and we will miss you. The blogosphere we be a little less bitchy, a little less crazy, and a little less funny. Even though you are a five foot nothing, there will always be a huge gaping hole where you once stood. I heart your face, Niece Skankypants.

Remember, you can always come home again. Just click your heels, down few shots of gin and a handful of Xanax, and there we will be.

Great, now my fucking bath is full of tears...wait a minute...saltwater makes things float....check out my boobies! Those girls look downright perky.

The new button is for you all. We all know how much I fucking hate rules, so there are no rules for this. Just play if you want, post the button and link the fuck up. Simple, no?


  1. Hey Dutchess.. we lost a Princess which means we have an empty street corner.. is it the Green Eyed Brat that you swear is a long lost member of our family.

    I need to replace a Princess and I need your input.

  2. Your post just made me sad all over again =(

  3. Damn right no one will ever fill my stilettos!

    I love you bitch. I'll miss you!!!

    I'll be around, I swear!

  4. Like the changes you made over with you're site. Yeah it sucks that CB is no longer blogging, I mean fuck who am I suppose to sexually harass now ?

  5. well shit, I'm out of the Loop, CB I can only go through so many withdrawls at one time ... and right now I'm going thru smartphone withdrawls, I can't handle this ... I need wine! ;)

  6. I've decided we won't have another Princess... She just can't be replaced.. so the new girl will not be called princess... we have to come up with something else..

    Besides.. Amy is a Dame...and she has been here longer.. If we give a new girl the title Princess.. little Miss Penis Platter will get all huffy.. and stomp to her room.. Princess Slutville is already there over the whole CB thing..

  7. She'll be missed :(

    Yay for perky boobs!

  8. Just so recently found her, you & the whole royal family, felt like I had instantly made an awesome friend and she's gone. =(

  9. Crisc, sorry!

    Diva, I know, right?

    CB, you better be around sometimes!

    Wolf, thanks! CB worked her blog magic on this place. And, I think there are a number of bloggy girls that would stand in line to be harassed by you.

    Elizabeth, I hope you got some wine!

    Queenie, very true, and we don't need the Dame all huffy. She has the good xanax!

    Yes she will Kelly.

    Lil, I know. But, the rest of us are still here,