Saturday, October 9, 2010

Somebody Will Be Shanked

I received an emergency shout this morning from The Queen. Bloody fucking hell.

It's my day off and, after my encounter with the man-eating-axe-murdering raccoon, I really needed my goddamn day off.

However, when one of the Royals blow the emergency whistle, we drop everything and come running. We're family, a chosen posse, per say, and THAT'S how we fucking roll. So, here I am...on my day off.

Apparently, Asshole Annie decided that the best thing to say to a fellow blogger whose 22 year marriage had been blown to hell in a million pieces, was that it was most likely Karma that got her.

She went on to play computer psychoanalyst with diarrhea of the goddamn mouth. She was spewing stupid cliches, lessons to be learned, and various other shit. Her comment to this blogger in pain was longer than most books the Duke reads.

To Asshole Annie I say, "Are you fucking dicking me? "

Unless you are paid $150.00 an hour for your assvice and guidance, shut your motherfucking pie hole.

I know you are not the brightest fucking crayon in the box, but unless you were raised by a pack of fucking dogs, you should have at least a smidgen of empathy.

At the very least, you should have been able to tell (from the author's post), that she was in pain and heartbroken. She was walking through her own personal hell and common fucking sense SHOULD have been your cue to either wish her well or just fucking move along, keeping your criticism and assvice to yourself.

As if that wasn't enough, you then hid your profile. Hmmm, you can dish it out, but can't take it, huh?

Silly bitch, you can run from the Royals, but you can't hide. You did, however, fuck up my day off. For that alone? You just earned an automatic nomination to the Dumb Bitch Hall of Fame! For the rest of your bullshit? You just earned a Royal Blog Ass Whipping.

There will be shanking.

See you all on Sunday.


  1. OH DUMB BITCH HALL OF FAME.. I see an election coming on... and a CB style button.. ha ha..

    I found her site..(left link at the castle) go read her critic review of TWIN LAKES.... she made them shut off the hottub cause it made to much noise.. ha ha.. I peed...

    she's such a cunt..

  2. that is just awful! Gah i hate dumb bitches that have nothing better to do than fuck with other people !

  3. Brilliant! That patronizing broad deserves some recognition!

  4. I can't wait to vote for her to enter the Dumb Bitch Hall of Fame.

  5. hmm..asshole Annie..My evil arch enemys name is Annie..wonder if its the same girl, sounds like her, Tactless and know it all..dumn broad. Kharma is gonna kick her ass!

  6. She was dicking you... and every fucking one of us. She's a cunt and I let the bitch know what was up too!

  7. I've been reading about this bitch all day and by day I mean the two hours that I've been awake so far. This bitch going down!

  8. I found the cunt bitch's email and have been spamming it all dam day.
    Signed her ass up for all sorts of sordid sex sites!

  9. Man, what in the hell did I miss during my bipolar leave of absence?

  10. Oh yeah, I snatched your button!

  11. Thanks for the support, ladies! Love ya, Dutchess~