Saturday, November 20, 2010

A New Royal Adventure

That's right bitches. The Royal Family is going on a road trip this week.
Our illustrious
summoned all of us to the castle today. I think she had too much gin, and possibly got into my special cookies. She was giddy, and that is never a good sign when it comes from the Queen.

Before you know it, she ordered me to corrupt our
Top Cop
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and sent all other staff and royals home, pack a bag and then get on this...

The Princess

is busy mapping out a route and we are hitting the dusty trail at first light....or Noon. What?! We are Royals and need time to recover from the night before our beauty sleep.

All of the Royals and Staff will be along on this road trip, and we will be bringing you our tales from the road.

Trust me, you DO NOT want to miss this. Click on the tab that says "Royal Family" to find links to all of us.


  1. The first day was interesting. Dutchess.. you may not remember it, but you are having a blast on this trip. Dutchess... Dutchess? Hey.. is Dutchess breathing? DUTCHESS!!!! oh yea,, she's ok... moving on..

  2. Dutchy Poo.....I want my dam bra back!!!!
    And for the last time LEAVE WILLIE THE HELL ALONE!!! If you bite me one more time bitch.... I'll replace your teeth with beer tabs.

  3. Did you notice that Dutchy left such an impression on Willie that he painted a portrait of her on his trailer??