Friday, December 3, 2010

BSF Revival and A Friday Fuck You

So, CB stuck her head out of whatever fucking hole she's been hiding in long enough to say a few words at the revamped....

Click on it, read all about it, and get on fucking board. BTW, slutcode: penis platter

Anyway, if you played BSF with CB in the past, then you need to kick your ass into gear and play along with Jen

If you don't? FUCK YOU

Also? A great big FUUUUCK YOOOU to the goddamn Winter Storm Advisory that is in effect now until late Saturday. Have I told you how much I fucking hate snow, and cold weather?

FUCK YOU Ghirardelli chocolate brownie mix. I made you thinking that because you were just a "mix" my exquisite palate would certainly rebuke your vile chocolate crumbs. In a surprise move, you're almost as good as my special from scratch brownies. I now have to face my new trainer (yes, another one...bite me) with brownie breath.

Dear In-Laws, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, and FUCK YOU. I am fed up with the way you treat my husband. I am very close to ripping your goddamn faces off. Not a great look for the impending Christmas gathering pictures, just sayin'.

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  1. Sounds like you love your inlaws almost as much as I love mine. It sounds like they treat your husband about the same way they treated my ex's in the past.

  2. Why or why do you hate your in laws.. they are soooooo special....