Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gone Baby Gone, The Glitter Edition

Most Rehabs have Activity Directors.  Apparently, they think that if your hands and minds are busy, you won't dwell on the fact that you are in a joyless, smelly, shit hole that has no alcohol or satellite TV to watch Army Wives, Nurse Jackie and Iron Chef America on.  
Dumb asses.

Here, we have 2 AD's.  Susie, motherfucking, Sunshine and Peter, pretty boy, Piehole.  The patients hate them, but usually tolerate them because it's fucking boring in here and not everyone is working on a secret island brownie recipe.  However, when Susie and Peter walked into the craft room today looking like this, and then said, "Today, we are going to talk about our feelings and wear our emotions on our faces!"  

"My face shows I'm SUPER HAPPY! RAWR!" said Susie
"My face shows that I look and feel GRRRRREAT!" said Pman

The patients lost. their. fucking. shit.  Now, I'm not at liberty to tell you exactly what happened next, but, after the glitter cloud lifted Susie Sunshine was missing and Peter Piehole was naked in a fetal position, looking like this, and crying for his Mommy.  

Look, I'm all for a whack job here, a maniac there, and a little loco sprinkled around.  But these psychos are bat-shit-silence-of-the-motherfucking-lambs-CRAZY!  This Dutchess doesn't do that kind of crazy, yo!  So...

No word on whether or not Queenie will be coming too, so stay tuned!  

There is also a new update from The Princess Vet. Go check out what she's been up too while we've been in Rehab.  You'll be glad you did.

Until next time~


  1. Oh if it''s fun I'll sure as hell break out of rehab with ya. I'm more than ready to blow this pop stand. Did you see the ugly whore they had working meds last night. I am pretty sure those sores on her face are not from acne. Let me outa here.. I can read in my attic at home..

  2. Ill fire up the bat crap crazy mobile!!