Monday, May 13, 2013

Who Are The Royals...Pay Attention!

There seems to be quite a bit of confusion as to who this Royal Family is, what we do, and what our purpose here is.  Well, I'm going to clear it up for you, so pay fucking attention!

The Royals are...well, HERE is a link that explains that, because that is a blog post all of it's own.  Go get informed, I'll wait for you.  It won't take long, I promise.

Okay, back now?  Good, now for a quiz on what you learned!...Just kidding, but if you didn't check out who the Royals are, you may be lost.

"The Royals" are our fictional blogger ego's.  In real life, we are all real women. Shocker, huh? (except for Sir, but that too is another story)

The Queen and I stumbled upon each other's blogs, YEARS ago.  We found each other to be hilarious, and found we had lots in common.  Bingo-bango, a friendship was born.  She had a Daughter that blogged, who was just about the wittiest, funniest blogger I had ever read, and we all became friends.

Along the way, one of us would stumble upon another blogger, or someone would make a comment on our blogs, and one of us would introduce them to the rest of us.  Before long, we had quite a group, and it stretched from one end of this country to the other.  Although some of us are real-life family members and in person friends, most of us met via the world wide web before facebook was all the rage.

Some of us exchanged phone numbers, talked on chat, sent Christmas cards to each other, and slowly became intertwined in each other's lives.  Just like real friends do.

During some of our real life's trials, we decided we needed an outlet where we could let our imagination run.  A place where we could count on a good laugh, a place to just decompress and forget about life for a few minutes.  This is where the Royals came into being. Before long, there were many Royals coming up with stories and story lines that have given all of us, and some of you, a much needed slice of entertainment pie.

Through the years, in real life, we have gone through just about every life changing event you can think of.   We have shared laughter, sorrow, disappointment, heartbreak, good fortune, and despair.  Through anything life threw at us, we knew that at any time of the day or night there would always be someone to talk to, listen, sympathize, and even tell us to get a fucking grip, if needed.

We are Grandmothers, Mothers, daughters, and friends.  Some of us are widowed, married, divorced, and single.  Some of us are religious and some are not.  Some of us are poor, some have a little money.  Some own homes and businesses, and some rent.  Some have serious health issues, and some just have bad breath.  Some are writers, teachers, nurses, homemakers, waitresses, and more.

We are like a real life family in that if someone hurts one of us, they hurt all of us.  We don't tolerate lying, stealing, or talking behind someones back.  If you have a problem, we face it and work it out, or walk away.  No harm, no foul....unless you walk away, then come back and poke us with a stick spewing things you only assume, have made up, or are just confused about, just to run away again.

We don't go looking for trouble, looking to start childish blog wars, or looking to hurt or upset anyone.  We are here for stress relief, amusement, to have a creative outlet and to just have fun.  But, if you poke me with a stick, and shit on my front porch, you can expect to have a pissed off family biting your ass.  We are a package deal and stick together.  I'm proud to call these amazing ladies my family.

Now that you know, it's time to get on with THE ROYAL BUS TOUR 2013.  If you love the Royals, you don't want to miss it!

~Until Next Time~


  1. Awww... you're gonna make me all leaky! YOU KNOW I HATE THAT SHIT! Now I'm gonna have to go kick a few skulls around to feel more in control of my emotions. (Actually, it's more like back to the laundry pile. Aspiring dictator or not, I can't seem to get the dust bunnies to fold the clothes!)

    Love you long time Aunt Dutch!

  2. Aww,, Thank you sis.. Some times you just say what needs to be said, in a way that even a flying monkey can understand it.

    Heart your hooker face! Now, back to the video that has me laughing so hard I can't get it done. I'll never hit tomorrow's deadline at this rate.

  3. Oh. Thank you. That was very nice indeed and explanatory. Like a royal declaration.

  4. Shhh...don't let it out that I'm nice. It will ruin my bad reputation! lol